Masks are optional for fully vaccinated people.


Do not come to the studio if you are not feeling well.


We recommend that everyone sign up online to secure your place in the class. We also suggest prepayment online. It will be necessary for the studio to have a credit card on file for other purchases as well.


Please be mindful as you enter the studio to respect everyone’s space. You may be asked to wait at the door to make sure everyone enters the room safely. We have marked spaces for mats in the studio…please put your mat on a designated space.


Please be mindful to stay on your mat during class.


We will modify our opening and finishing breath work. No open mouth breathing in class.


The floors and all touch points will be cleaned after every class.


If you need to cough or sneeze do it into a Kleenex, then keep that Kleenex on your mat until you throw it away.