Originally from Pittsburgh, PA, Suzanne has been teaching for over 7 years. Outside of the studio, she can be found playing with her 5 dogs, playing in her yard, playing with her camera or just playing! Suzanne's favorite pose is triangle and she practices yoga for the clarity and peace it gives her.



Jason came to yoga via distance running after suffering from some over-use injuries that were not responding to traditional therapy. During his first class he thought ``who needs running, when you can do this? and wow, this would be amazing to teach!!`` That was in 1999 and he has been teaching ever since.



Originally from Atlanta, GA, Cleve has been teaching for 5 years. Outside of the studio, Cleve enjoys acting, Netflix and music (in his former life, he was a professional musician). His favorite pose is ``none and all of them depending on my moody mood.`` He claims his most complicated relationship is with standing separate leg head to knee.



Originally from Montgomery, Alabama, Kathy has been teaching for 15 years. Outside of the studio, Kathy has a private psychotherapy practice and enjoys theatre, reading, seminars, movies, travel and college football. Kathy's favorite pose is tree.



Many times when I tell someone I am a yoga teacher, I hear “Yoga saved my life.” That is exactly what it did for me. I took my first class at Be Hot Yoga in 2007, and I realized immediately that yoga could help me during a difficult time in my life. I began to feel stronger, both physically and mentally, and calmer as well. I feel better and healthier now than at any point in my life thanks to this powerful practice. I am so grateful to be able to share this yoga with others as a teacher at this amazing studio!



As a youth, Ayodele was exposed to many forms of ancient physical, mental, and spiritual practices. On a particular visit from college, her mother took her to a hot yoga class. Less than 20 minutes into the practice, while standing there, hot as all else, something clicked. It was like magic and she never looked backed. Beginning with a Hatha Raja practice, then moving to Bikram yoga, Ayodele has completed multiple trainings, and workshops, most recently including Core26+ and Thef Neteru Sema Paut.



Rue considers himself a student who leads fellow students in practice. He received his 500 hour Teaching certificate from B Free Hot Yoga in 2017. Rue practices and teaches Bikram Yoga, hot flow, flow, slow flow, yin yoga, warm yin, slow flow and meditation. Rue's background is in martial arts.

Rue W.


Janet first walked into the hot room about 15 years ago - and never looked back. Her approach to the yoga has changed from an effective form of exercise to a lifestyle choice. Janet believes in the power of the dialogue - and her classes reflect this. The dialogue has everything you need for a safe and meaningful practice. The key is to listen…..which can be very challenging at times. As is often said in class the 26 postures are the same - but you are different every time you walk into the hot room. Focus, concentration and listening are key in Janet's classes.



Originally from Buenos Aires, Cristina has been teaching yoga for 18 years. Outside of the studio, she loves going to movies, her dogs and seeking new experiences. Cristina loves all of the poses but recently has developed a deeper appreciation for standing separate leg head to knee.


Alan Crop

Originally from Opelousas, LA (go Ragin Cajuns!!), Alan has been teaching for over 7 years. Outside of the studio, Alan loves the B52s, his husband of over 28 years, all animals and margaritas. Alan's favorite pose is standing head to knee.


Mary Crop2

Mary began her yoga practice in 2006, while living in Fort Worth Texas. Initially, it was the physical challenge that was most attractive. However, as her practice evolved, she began to understand and appreciate the slow, peaceful, meditative quality of yoga. After many years of practice, she participated in a six-month Teacher Training and Apprenticeship Program with Radiance Bikram Yoga. She began teaching in February of 2014 and strongly believes that the best teachers remain life-long students.