What should I wear and bring to class?

Something light and stretchy, no heavy fabrics. Men usually wear shorts, with or without a shirt. Women wear bra tops or tank tops/tees, with shorts or yoga pants. You don’t need special clothing, just something comfortable that doesn’t restrict your movement. You’ll need a mat, towel and some water but all of these things are also available for sale or to rent at the studio. Make sure to come on a mostly empty stomach or to eat light before class.


What time should I arrive?

Please try to arrive at least 15 minutes before the start of class so that you can get set up and ready to start on time!


Where do I enter the building?

Our entrance is on the back of the building facing the Beltline. Go to the glass doors and ring the doorbell and someone will let you in!


What’s the deal with parking?

Parking is free! Just remember your license plate and come inside to register your car.


How does the yoga work?

The yoga works from the inside out. The series is designed to work every part of your body…every muscle, organ, joint, gland, etc. The postures build strength as well as flexibility. It is very cleansing as well, releasing toxins and helping the organs and systems of the body work more effectively.


How will this practice help me physically?

You will build strength and flexibility. You will detox and improve the function of your muscles and joints as well as your organs. All the major systems of the body benefit as well. You will reshape your body and burn calories as well.


How will this practice help me emotionally?

The practice is a moving meditation. It allows you the opportunity to turn your head off for a while, to turn down the noise of the world, and to be still. With the mirrors and the stillness, it is a very powerful, calming, and centering practice. Many students report that it helps calm them and make them more focused.


Why is it so hot in the room?

The room is heated to help your body be more flexible. When your body is warm it is much more open and you can go deeper into the postures without injury. The heat is also an amazing detox! You sweat out lots of toxins in the hot room.


How much sweating is normal?

It really varies! Everyone is different. Please be aware of your level of sweat and bring an extra towel if you need one. Why do I need a towel to cover my mat? The towel helps catch the sweat so it doesn’t go onto the floor or make your mat slippery. You also develop more strength if you don’t rely on the stickiness of the mat for the grip with your feet.


What if I am very inflexible?

Then you should really come to yoga! The heat will make your body much more flexible. Give it some time and you will see big improvements in your flexibility.


Why can’t I leave the room if I want to?

You can certainly leave the room if you absolutely have to. However, it is better to stay in the room and just take a break by standing still or sitting or lying down. This way your body continues to acclimate to the heat, rather than going out into the cooler building then coming back in.


What if I feel like I am going to pass out?

Sit down! Take a break! Part of your yoga practice is listening to your body. When you feel lightheaded, just relax until you feel like joining back in. We recommend sitting out an entire posture when you feel lightheaded.


What if I feel nauseated?

Same thing, take a break! Sit or lie down. Don’t drink any water if you feel nauseated because that can make it worse. Remember that sometimes the detoxification process can be intense so let your body take things at its own pace. When and what should I eat before class? We recommend not eating 2 to 3 hours before class. Have something light, nothing heavy that will sit in your stomach during class.


What is the difference between hot yoga and “Bikram” yoga?

The series that we teach is the classic Bikram series. However, we are not associated with Bikram yoga as a business.