Pranayama Breathing

Hello beautiful yogis! Let’s start with breathing… Obviously, breathing is essential to life. The chemical exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide is imperative for our existence. But really, how much thought do we put into breathing?

Exactly right! Not so much…

Breath awareness is more of the most essential components of a yoga practice. Breath coordinated with movement is the definite of a hatha (moving) practice. This is why the series starts with a breathing exercise. it is designed to create an awareness of your breath and how you move with your breath. As you begin your yoga practice, this breathing exercise is at first, confusing. In short order you ‘get’ it and can do it. As you develop your practice you begin to notice many things on many levels. Pranayama breathing is no exception. You will notice that you lung capacity expands, thus allowing longer, slower, deeper breaths. The pauses between thebreaths will become more deliberate and pronounced. You will notice your posture and how it improves. Your core strength will develop as you actively engage your core, glutes and quads. Your spine will become longer, not only on the inhale, but the exhale as well. Pranayama breathing begins class and your meditative process. It stills the mind while energizing your body. You develop the ability to get lost in the breathing- letting go of the outside world for the duration of class. We say that if you can slow down your breath and your movements, you can slow down your thoughts. You can slow time and become more focused and present. If you can do this on a yoga mat, there is no reason that you cannot do it in the rest of your world.

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See you in the hot room!

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